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WiFi Design and Install

Slow, intermittent WiFi? Everything IT have the skills and tools to supercharge it.

Everything IT have specialised in WiFi for a very long time, since before the name “WiFi” had even been thought of!  (Did you know that WiFi was originally called “802.11” – later given the more friendly name of “WiFi”, in 1999!)?

In fact Everything IT now have a specialist division dedicated to exactly this. See: Invisible Network.

We have been providing network architecture design, installation and support, and installing professional WiFi systems in Bath for over 30 years. We create powerful, fast, smart WiFi systems from scratch – each personalised to your specific needs. Or if you have existing WiFi which is not working to its best ability, we can make it far stronger, more powerful, secure and efficient.

Are you experiencing a slow, unreliable connection with frustrating dropouts?

Would you like your WiFi to be upgraded, supercharged or streamlined?

Do you want to improve productivity so you can work from anywhere inside (or outside!) your building, with total security and reliability? Or to extend WiFi to your garden office, and control your whole home, connecting all your ‘smart devices’ together?

As a business, you’ll want your staff WiFi securely isolated from visitors. If you run a guest house or AirBnB, maybe your guests would like to pay you a little extra to receive faster speed? See: Business WiFi.

Or do you want to improve your mobile phone reception from the basement, or need a system to limit the kids’ internet usage, see: WiFi at Home. The possibilities are endless!

  • Wireless network improvements, upgrades and repairs
  • WiFi for Business – share data wirelessly, Bring Your Own Device.
  • WiFi for Hospitality – fast, secure connectivity with marketing analytics
  • WiFi for Home – banish dead spots, increase speed and coverage
  • Network Architecture design with guaranteed fast, secure performance
  • Cutting edge WiFi diagnostics to solve the most complex of intermittent network faults
  • WiFi solutions and improvements of every kind, for Business and Home

If it’s WiFi, we can do it!

Call our friendly team on 01225 434343
See: Invisible Network WiFi Solutions