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Everything IT’s acclaimed procurement solution. Assisted purchasing for Laptops, Workstations, Network Hardware and more…

From a single new computer, to your entire office technology. We can affordably source and supply everything, then deliver and install, ready for immediate use

​Most of us have experience of purchasing a laptop or computer for our own use and we’ll probably have done a certain amount of research before committing to our purchase. We want to buy the best piece of equipment to do what we specifically need it to, at the best possible price.

Now apply those criteria to all the IT and related paraphernalia you need to run a modern office. How much time and effort would it take you to ensure all your laptops and desktops work with your routers and network switches, all in sync with your backup and storage devices, along with your printers and WiFi. Then ensuring that each is not only the best value option capable of performing all the intended tasks reliably, and securely, but without each new device added accidentally introducing unintended knock-on consequences and risk?


With over 35 years of experience in sourcing, supplying and commissioning new equipment, we are your trusted partner in fulfilling all IT requirements.

Firstly, we take the time to understand your organisation, your unique needs and business growth plans.  Then we align our findings with the ideal technology you need, sourcing ‘whole of market’ completely independently and with no restrictions whatsoever as any particular manufacturer or shop might be influenced by. Furthermore, we also have access to unique, trade-only offers.

No matter the size of your organisation, or whether you need a single laptop or a multi-server network, we guide our clients every step of the way. We often handle the project as a whole, delivering a pre-installed solution ready for immediate use. Say goodbye to the hassle of researching, comparing prices, features and ensuring compatibility. Simply call Everything IT, and we’ll handle it all for you.

Additional benefits besides

Our unrivalled industry contacts enable us to secure the best priced offers. Over the years, we have supplied several of the UK distributors themselves. Rest assured, we won’t settle for mediocrity. We strive to provide you with the ideal, best value solutions to meet your own, unique requirements.

At Everything IT, this does not just stop at procurement. The comprehensive provisioning ensures seamless integration, and ultra-simplicity for you and your staff, to maximise working uptime at all stages. For example, when moving to a new laptop, we ensure that everything is not only ready for immediate use the first moment it is delivered to your desk, but that each application, every license, and all previous nuances you have come to expect are pre-configured, right down to the Windows layout itself. Every application and desktop shortcut will be exactly as previously, so you hit the ground running and with nothing to relearn, maximising productivity to the very height.

This extends to all devices in your organisation, from new computers and laptops to firewalls and WiFi solutions. Expect a fully synchronized and secure network that enhances reliability, performance and security at all stages.

With our expertise in hand, you can confidently focus on your core business operations, knowing that your IT needs are taken care of by professionals who put your success first.

Source and Install – one of our all-time most popular solutions

Experience the convenience and expertise of Everything IT’s Procurement and Provisioning solutions. Trust us to deliver the ideal technology for your business, leaving you with more time to drive growth and achieve your goals.

Why not contact us today to embark on a new era of streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective IT solutions. Your business deserves the best – let Everything IT make it a reality.

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