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Migration is the process of moving data from one system to another.

A common example is when all the information from physical computers or servers is moved to the cloud, such as Dropbox or OneDrive, or when upgrading from an older email solution (typically IMAP or POP) to a new one, such as Microsoft Exchange.

Migration projects can take many forms, with several steps necessary which must be performed in the correct order. Despite the variances, one commonality is that careful planning and project management are necessary to help minimise business downtime.  So wherever possible, migration projects are broken down into a number of smaller steps.

This process is called a ‘Phased Migration’. It is staged over a predetermined timescale, so that you and your staff can carry on working in between. There are lots of small steps, rather than one bigger outage to deal with.

Phased Migrations are not always possible. Email system migrations, for example, which affect the whole company domain (and all emails at the same time), mean that everything needs to be done in one go. This is called a ‘Big Bang’ migration.

Big Bang migrations are performed in one go, needing additional considerations and planning because they usually involve some working downtime for everyone during the same timeframe. Conversely, they usually need a shorter timeframe overall.

Everything IT have years of experience in migrations of all types. We have specialist tools that can often help, and we always ensure your migration project goes to plan, and is delivered on time with a successful outcome.

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