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Help with your GDPR Compliance

Comprehend what GDPR means to your business

Help with your GDPR compliance.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force 25 May 2018. This replaced the 1995 ‘Data Protection’ directive and affects virtually every business in the UK.

The law doesn’t only affect large companies, but applies equally to sole-traders, SMEs, charities, clubs and trades from single person owner-managed businesses, to the largest of corporations. Anyone ‘processing personal data’ needs to comply.

So what does ‘processing personal data’ mean?

The official Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) definition is quite cumbersome (see

Nevertheless, in essence, because ‘personal data’ includes emails, and embraces all client records from the simplest ‘Word’ document, or ‘Excel’ spreadsheet this affects virtually every single one of us using information in any professional capacity at all. So we all need to take steps to comply or risk incurring heavy fines, reputational damage – or worse.

Help is available from Everything IT, to guide you through every step

Experience has shown that, commonly, the biggest hurdle for many smaller businesses is simply understanding the scope and what needs to be done in the first place, and to then be able to develop an often quite simple process to comply.  So, once you know what to do, the steps to compliance can, in many cases be made surprisingly straightforward.

Far reaching business benefits

Further, wider benefits come as a useful by-product of this process as well, because the structures needed to comply stand businesses in great shape for the future, increasing security overall; making day-to-day working practices easier; simplifying and streamlining insecure methods for greater efficiency; and increasing productivity for business owners, managers and staff alike.

Simple, cost-effective, individual approach

Each client’s own data is, of course, unique to them and is used in different ways. Our process begins by gaining an understanding of the way your business likes to work, and what you need to achieve.  Then we provide clear, straightforward advice on what to do – and how to do it right.

From secure email procedures, to information compliance in documents, spreadsheets, day-to day usage and file-sharing, Everything IT provide clear, simple steps for you to follow. We can set things up for you if required.

Additional, ongoing business benefits

In many cases clients come to realise that they already have useful capabilities within their computers, phones, laptops and tablets – it’s just a matter of knowing how best to configure and use them to protect their business compliance. It is often very simple, so once you know what to do it can become reassuringly easy.

For larger projects, Everything IT work in conjunction with specialist partners to help clients understand what sometimes appear to be tough business challenges, and in all cases helping you to:

  • comprehend what GDPR means to your business
  • assess what compliance measures need to be taken
  • implement the new process with as much ongoing support as required

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