Data Recovery

Data Recovery

When things go very wrong, we can help

It’s inarguable. Even in an ideal world, things can go wrong.

Everything IT monitor and maintain clients’ backups each and every day, to ensure they have successfully completed.

But what if you don’t have this service, or you forgot to make a backup, and after a data loss situation you find that your backup has failed as well?  Regrettably this is an all-too-common situation, so it is reassuring to know that Bath’s leading data recovery specialists are on tap, turning potential catastrophes into mere annoyances, with positive outcomes.

We have been providing specialist data recovery solutions for many decades, often helping other local IT companies in the most intricate and complex of data retrieval cases.

With state of the art tools and facilities including clean-booth forensic analysis and rescue services, recovery of everything from individual files, to entire drive repair may be provided. These long experienced, expert data recovery solutions are available to individuals as well as businesses.

You only get one chance at data recovery. So why trust your precious data to anyone else?

Call the most experienced, expert data recovery specialists in Bath.


  • Hard Drive Recovery
  • SSD Recovery
  • External HDD Repair
  • Laptop Data Recovery
  • Photograph and Video Recovery
  • RAID Recovery and Rebuild
  • USB Drive Recovery
  • Camera Cards
  • Tapes and Backup Media
  • Servers and SANs
  • Bath’s leading, expert service

Clicking drives, accidental deletion, dropped drives, viruses, even fire and liquid damaged systems – we’ve successfully recovered data from all these, and more.

Recovery of all file types and from every medium including USB thumb-drives, camera cards, tapes, electromechanical drives, SSD, NAS, RAID … Whatever your drive type and whatever the problem, we can help.

Our friendly, experienced, data recovery specialists will be happy to immediately advise.

Call us now on Bath 01225 434343.