Support for business systems of every kind, not just Servers, PC’s, Macs and Laptops, but printing devices, network switches, routers, access control, fuel control, EPOS, barcoding, security systems, WiFi, other wireless technologies and managed networking.

How it all began

As teens in the 1980s, when the term ‘IT Support’ had not even been coined, a small group of friends collaborated on their first project together at Bath’s Theatre Royal. Instead of the Box Office staff having to pull tickets from often mislaid paper books, the new computer system made tickets magically, printing them to order on clever (and noisy!) machines called ‘golf ball printers’ which clattered and rattled to produce each ticket, there and then!

Following this success, they were asked to develop (what became) one of the world’s first electronic stock control systems, managing the theatre’s five bars, the cellar and the restaurant, saving the Catering Manager and Finance Director hours of time, and grey hairs, week on week.

Clients and Solutions increased

Gradually, as other Bath businesses came to hear of the time and cost savings, added ease and competitive advantages that this crack-team of boffins’ new ‘computer solutions’ could bring about, they were increasingly sought out. As their notoriety and service range grew, this evolved into forming ‘Everything IT’. Now, over a third of a century later, the very same core group of friends remain at the heart of the company to this day.

IT’s all about Teamwork

Of course, they have grown since that time in the 80s, in size, knowledge – and waistlines – whilst continuing to offer a wealth of deep-seated IT experience and understanding to individuals and organisations of all sizes and business sectors.

Everything IT is unique in its broad range of solutions including Consultancy, Cyber Security, Technology Management, and running Bath’s Leading Computer Service Centre, plus a dedicated division specialising in WiFi Networking and Support, Secure Data Destruction and Ethical Recycling.  And not just for big companies! Happy to support both home and business users alike.

Decades of Trust

Everything IT now has a following of hundreds of loyal, local customers spanning several decades, young and old, from students to grandparents, schools to charities, offices to pubs, shops to restaurants,  and has been able to help clients ranging from Bath’s Theatre Royal to King Edward’s School, from Glastonbury Festivals Ltd, to the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament).

From computer repairs and managed support to the most complex diagnostics and network design, Everything IT has consistently provided clients with bespoke, cost effective, rock-solid, secure and resilient solutions, and can support every element of the technology for you, all by the one, same, trusted local business – without you needing to call on multiple, separate IT specialists.

From the founder, Mark Steel:

“I come from a long line of family businesses in Bath – going back hundreds of years. My great grandfather, George Lanham, had a pet shop in Walcot Street (also a tobacconist and barbers – yes, all in the same shop!). His son, my Grandpa, began selling tyres, for ‘new-fangled machines’ called ‘motorcars’ – but with barely room to work around each other, birds flying about the shop, customers navigating the big, rubber obstacles while trying to get a beard trim, let alone barely space to smoke (!) Grandpa quickly took on a shop of his own, on the opposite side of the street, and creatively named his new business “Lanham’s Tyres”.

Then, as motorcar sales escalated, and his own business grew, he used his newfound prosperity to help several of his friends set up their own businesses too. Some astute readers may recognise the name from “Lanham’s Driving School” – still teaching around the streets of Bath today. (Originally “Lanham’s School of Motoring”, a company he financed for his old classmate, Brian Harding.)

I think Grandpa must be where I get some of my own inspiration from. It’s so exciting helping my friends’ businesses grow, especially from start-ups, and so rewarding because local businesses, in turn, help support our whole local community. In fact, funnily enough, the other way around has become true as well – over the years, many of my clients have become close, personal friends.

I absolutely love science and technology, and have gadgets and gizmos galore at home, but this doesn’t necessarily follow on to what might be best for our company, or for anyone else’s! Many of my most successful friends in business aren’t the remotest bit interested in tech – and don’t need to be.  Just to know that the IT equipment they have, or buy, will work securely, reliably and to do what it’s meant to is enough. So, looking after everyone individually is key. What suits one business will not necessarily suit the next.

In fact many a time I’ve suggested not using technology at all if it’s the right thing to do, and simply recommended sticking to non-technical solutions instead. (I still meet people who have been convinced their house needed a company to come in and automate everything, and then finding that their home has become so unnecessarily complicated that even turning the lights on virtually needs a programming degree!)

Even though we specialise in designing (simple to use!) home automation solutions (see: Invisible Network) we totally understand that they won’t suit everyone. That’s why we take great care to understand each client’s wants and desires before we ever embark on a project at all. Each client’s needs are unique, and every project we undertake is consequently bespoke.

If you have any IT, Computer, WiFi, or in fact any business questions whatsoever – or if you simply want to know what’s best for your needs in plain, jargon-free English – don’t hesitate to ask. We’re always happy to chat through your requirements, confidentially and without obligation. Even if you just need a little bit of free assistance to get your new company started, just ask. While we all have to make a living, our own commercial gain has never been a chief priority – we genuinely enjoy what we do, and it’s a privilege to be able to help.

If it’s tech-stuff, well, that’s a bonus! But it certainly doesn’t have to be. Whatever your business needs, give us a call. We love helping local businesses succeed just as much as we love IT!” – Mark, Founder, Everything IT Ltd.

So Everything IT is two things.

It’s a group of computer enthusiasts who started working on projects together when hardly out of school. They’re friends who have stayed together over the years, expanding their boundaries, always learning and developing, and always insistent on giving the best possible service to each and every client.

From the most complex business networking projects, to an individual home user laptop repair, the same level of care and attention to detail stays core to their ethos to this day, no matter what the project size or commercial value.  Always aiming to genuinely provide the very highest levels of service they can, to each and every client.

It’s also an award-winning company, based in central Bath. For over 35 years the team have been delivering trusted, client-focussed business technology solutions such as Managed Service Providers and small business specialists, plus a wide range of solutions besides. Services range from ad-hoc consultancy to comprehensive Cyber Security and Network Support, co-assisting clients’ own internal technical resource.

With unique partnerships built up over decades including Microsoft, Lenovo, HP and Dell, their acclaimed product purchasing services can save you time and money by achieving some of the most competitive technology offers in the industry. So much so that even other IT companies contract Everything IT for their hardware procurement solutions, and the unrivalled offers they can provide.

Their deep-rooted specialist skills and comprehensive range of solutions will empower your business beyond the scope of MSP provision alone. You’ll have world-class portable network diagnostics; 24/7 emergency support; a dedicated WiFi networking division and a state-of-the art computer repair centre all working for you.

Even the most complex of component level hardware problems can be dealt with, all in-house, without needing to call on multiple, separate specialists.

From laptop repair, to complete network care – all under the one, same roof.

Even their contact details are easy to remember!  For Everything IT, call Bath four-three, four-three, four-three! (01225 434343).


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