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Everything IT are dedicated to providing a broad range of enterprise level services and support to businesses that are looking to increase productivity and profitability.

Small Business & Startups

Personalised Guidance based on YOUR business needs. Providing you with simple steps on just what to do … and how to do it right!

Cloud Migrations

Everything IT can save your company money by replacing your ailing IT infrastructure with a Hosted Desktop solution. Reducing ongoing maintenance and also improve your carbon footprint

Industrial Strength WiFi

Everything IT can install Industrial Strength Wifi to your business providing you and your customers with a reliable, high speed connection.

Customised & Cost-effective

Maximum Potential for your IT Investment

Over the years we’ve worked with a huge range of businesses and understand the unique requirements of different industries and sectors.  We are committed to resilient, ingenious – even sometimes unconventional – solutions, giving us a reputation for being dynamic and insightful in all IT regards.

And we’ll talk you through your options in plain English, so you can be 100% sure that your IT investment delivers the maximum potential.

Just looking for Fast Repairs? See our Service Centre website here: Everything IT Professional Repair Centre

KickStart IT Advice for Small Business

Personalised Guidance based on YOUR business needs.

While many companies enjoy having everything done for them, we equally understand that many smaller businesses with more modest needs may prefer to set up things on their own.

Or to look after their ongoing day to day IT essentials for themselves.

KickStart IT is the innovative and affordable answer, providing review and recommendation. Especially suited to:

=> Help a new businesses get started
=> Helping a smaller businesses to grow

We can get you quickly started with a simple, yet thorough “kick-start” IT meeting for your small businesses. By finding out about your specific business, we can then explain in simple steps exactly what you need to do … and how to do it right.

Giving you clear, independent advice to ensure strong, stable foundations for things like:

  • Obtaining the right equipment & setting it up
  • Easy access to all you files and folders
  • Sharing files with other users
  • In-house or in The Cloud
  • Backups
  • Data security
  • Email and Telcoms
  • Office applications (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook)
  • Electronic payment methods (EPOS, & PDQ)
  • Wired & Wireless Networks
  • Accounting systems
  • Clear backup plan for when things go wrong
  • … all for a lot less than you probably think!

Network Solutions

  • IT Support for complex business networks
  • Single location
  • Multi-site and Hosted solutions
  • Microsoft, Mac, Linux, Unix, Virtualisation, VMware, Citrix and far more
  • Total Peace-of-Mind Security and Support through to managing individual endpoints - even visiting guest devices

IT Solutions

Support for business systems of every kind, not just Servers, PC’s, Macs and Laptops, but printing devices, network switches, routers, access control, fuel control, EPOS, barcoding, security systems, WiFi, other wireless technologies and managed networking.

Hospitality Solutions

  • Booking and reservation systems
  • CCTV
  • Point of sale
  • Billing integration
  • Electronic marketing
  • Public and billing platform WiFi

Business IT Audit

  • Professional, independent overview of current systems.
  • Suitability, time and cost-saving reporting
  • Legal sector solutions

Data Recovery and Hard Drive Repair

When things go very wrong, we can help.

Data Recovery Expert Service, Bath’s leading specialists, Everything IT help many other local IT companies with Data Retrieval and Hard Disk repair.

You only get one chance at data recovery. So trust your precious data to the most experienced expert data retrieval specialists in Bath.

  • Hard Drive Recovery
  • SSD Recovery
  • External HDD Repair
  • Laptop Data Recovery
  • Photograph and Video Recovery
  • RAID Recovery and Rebuild
  • USB Recovery

Clicking drives, accidental deletion, dropped drives,  even fire and liquid damaged systems – we’ve successfully recovered data from all these and more.

See our Professional Repair Centre website or CALL NOW for immediate help on Bath 01225 434343

Help with your GDPR Compliance

Help with your GDPR Compliance.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force 25 May 2018. This replaced the 1995 ‘Data Protection’ directive and affects virtually every business in the UK.

Not just large companies, the laws equally apply to sole-traders, SMEs, charities, clubs and trades from single person owner-managed businesses, to the largest of corporations – anyone ‘processing personal data’ needs to comply.

So what does ‘processing personal data’ mean?

The official ICO definition is quite cumbersome (see https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-data-protection/guide-to-the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/key-definitions/what-is-personal-data/).

Nevertheless in essence because ‘personal data’ includes emails, and embraces all client records from the simplest ‘Word’ document, or ‘Excel’ spreadsheet this affects virtually every single one of us using information in any professional capacity at all. So we all need to take steps to comply or risk incurring heavy fines, reputational damage – or worse.

Fortunately help is available from Everything IT.

Experience has shown that commonly the biggest hurdle for many smaller businesses is simply understanding the scope and what needs to be done in the first place.  To then be able to develop an often quite simple process to comply.  So once you know what to do, the steps to compliance can in many cases be made surprisingly straightforward.

Far reaching business benefits

Further wider benefits come as a useful by-product of this process as well, because the structures stand businesses in great shape for the future, increasing security overall, easier day-to-day working practices, simplifying and streamlining insecure methods for greater efficiency, simplicity and increased productivity for business owners, managers and staff alike.

Simple, cost-effective, individual approach

Each client’s own data is unique to them of course, and is used in different ways, so the process begins by gaining understanding of the way your business likes to work and what you need to achieve.  Then we provide clear, straightforward advice on what to do – and how to do it right.

From secure email procedures, to information compliance in documents, spreadsheets, day-to day usage and file-sharing, Everything IT provide clear, simple steps and can set things up for you if required.

Additional, ongoing business benefits

Plus in many cases clients come to realise they already have useful capabilities within in their computers, phones, laptops and tablets – just a matter of knowing how best to configure and use them to protect their business compliance, often in the simplest ways, so once you know what to do it can become reassuringly easy.

For larger projects Everything IT work in conjunction with specialist partners to help clients understand these seemingly tough business challenge, and in all cases helping to:

* comprehend what GDPR means to your business.
* assess what compliance measures need to be implemented;
* assistance to achieve the process in up to full.

Why not contact us now to find out more about how Everything IT can help with GDPR for your business?

Call Everything IT on Bath 01225 434343.

Corporate Support Programmes

Services include:

  • Industry Leading Managed Services Provider (MSP)
  • 24/7 remote monitoring for all critical systems
  • Your own personal Helpdesk team
  • Engineers on call 24/7
  • Ongoing analysis and evaluation of your IT infrastructure
  • Access to specialist technical support and consultancy
  • Service level agreements to support demanding business needs
  • Microsoft Certified Partners
  • Dedicated account management team

Emergency Support and Repairs

A multi-disciplinary service centre for all system repairs:

  • Data Recovery Specialist Facilities
  • PC, Laptops and Netbooks
  • Servers and Workstations
  • Microsoft Professional Refurbishers
  • Dedicated, cutting-edge diagnostics tools
  • Reporting to forensic analysis level

Support IT

Ideal for branch offices and firms with multiple locations. Benefits may include:

  • Remote monitoring and maintenance for all critical systems
  • Up to 24/7 Fast Remote and OnSite Support
  • Reactive cover for immediate help in minutes, not hours
  • Peripheral support for all key office hardware
  • Proactive scheduled maintenance
  • Software Support available including Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365, Sage, ACT! and QuickBooks
  • Suitable for all business sizes from a single laptop to hundreds of networked workstations

Network Testing & Diagnostics

Save time and money. Big Business Diagnostics at Small Business prices.

Everything IT have invested heavily in the latest top of the range portable testing tools and extensive training, to be able to solve the most frustrating and complex of Network issues - fast!

Faults and intermittent network problems which may take days or even weeks for many small businesses to track down, can now be achieved for you in a matter of minutes.

With detailed analysis and same-day reporting - get results quickly, at affordable cost.

Network Performance Testing, Reporting & Repair

  • VoIP Phone System Testing & Reporting
  • Network Cable Testing & Repair
  • WiFi Testing, Speed and Reliability Improvements
  • Intermittent Faults & Networks Slow-down issues Solved

WiFi Specialists

Slow, Intermittent WiFi? Everything IT have the skills and tools to Supercharge WiFi.

  • WiFi for Business - share data wirelessly, Bring Your own Device.
  • WiFi for Hospitality - fast, secure connectivity with Guest usage Reporting
  • Wireless Network Design and Repair - with cutting edge tools to solve faults and dropouts fast
  • WiFi Guest Detailed Statistics & Reporting (name, address, email addresses, phone numbers ...)

Training: are you making the most of your software?

Are you making the most of your software? Most of us don’t, in fact most businesses scarcely scratch the surface of the capabilities of the systems they’ve invested in. You’ve paid for it, so why not use it to make your business more efficient and to save money?

That’s where we can help, from the most basic of instruction to the deeply advanced, Everything IT can help you and your team make the most of the systems you’re now using every day. One to one, in small groups or even a full classroom we offer exclusive instructor-led training that will pay itself back many times over. Depending on the level of training you decide on you’ll leave with comprehensive course notes, exercises and examples up to a certificate of course completion.

Including all Microsoft Office applications, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, through proprietary application, from basic to advanced.

Sessions take place in 90 minute learning blocks, making half day or full day courses eminently practical. These can be held at your premises or at our training centre in Bath. If at the training centre then tea, coffee and, if applicable, lunch, can be provided.

From Corporate Packages to Private Tuition, we offer professional instructor-led training in a wide range of disciplines. Just ask!

Everything It Support

High Powered 24-7 Support

Everything IT offers support that focuses on your business requirements, not just your stable of technology. Our support programmes are designed keep your systems running at peak performance – preventing downtime in the first place. We also pride ourselves on our 24/7 emergency response, with the fastest possible response times.

What Our Customers Say

Loved by Companies Big and Small

Our ICT team has been working together since the early 1980s and we still serve a number of the same clients. It’s a testament to what we strive for – a customer-oriented service built on trust.

  • Glastonbury Festival
  • The Porter Bath
  • LGB Electrical
  • Celia Manning

Mark Steel and Everything IT are simply wonderful. They have transformed our working environment from a home office into a professional, secure and backed up work place. Mark always explained everything in detail and always thought outside of the box.

When Mark came and visited our office last year we went through a step by step plan of what we wanted to achieve, no job was too small or big and he inspired everyone (Including our staff!) to be the best that we could be, his knowledge and persona is truly an inspiration.

It is incredibly reassuring to know that Everything IT are looking after us because we know that they care and they put the same effort, work and passion into our business as if it is their own — they often looked after us when we had problems outside their remit!

Without any hesitation I would recommend Mark and Everything IT, your business needs them!

  • Kirsty Pristo, Westminster Insurance

Last year, we suffered a major blow when a hard drive on one of our major workmachines corrupted, trapping a considerable amount of “live” work. Mark Steel of EverythingIT managed to not only save the most vital pieces of information, but also revamped and supercharged an old machine, that enabled us to finish our projects on time. I have not doubt that without his experience and quick reaction time to our issue, we would have not only lost some valuable clients, but also ongoing work. I would recommend the whole EverythingIT company to anyone.

  • Tony Callaghan, Callagraphics